We are a local, volunteer led organization.

Since 1994, we have provided ice skating
instruction to the Lakes Area Communities.

CESC is pleased to provide professional instruction from members of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI). Our instructors adhere to the standards and curriculum established by ISI.

CESC is delighted to deliver our lessons through Forest Lake Schools Community Education Program. Registration, and more information, is available in the online catalog, available at the Community Education website.

Cutting Edge Skating Student


Come join the fun!

Times and dates for all lessons will be announced on the Community Education website and the online catalog.

Each lesson includes 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of practice time.


Forest Lake Sports Center
Information about the Forest Lake Sports Center is available from the Forest Lake School District. "Welcome to the North Metro's newest skating facility. We have one year-round rink and another in-season rink that can be rented for turf sports and shows in the spring and summer. Both rinks feature a toasty second-floor viewing area."
Forest Lake Sports Center - Field House and Lichtscheidl Arena.

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More Information About CESC!
CESC is an all volunteer organization! We welcome parent and family volunteers! Parents who wish to volunteer on the ice must wear skates (no street shoes are allowed on the ice for safety reasons.)

We need volunteers to do the following:
Cutting Edge Skating Club Help with the "Tots Class"
Cutting Edge Skating Club Help with the administrative / desk activities at lessons (this includes directing skaters and parents, taking registration information, etc.)
Cutting Edge Skating Club Help with the ice show.

We welcome parent and family participation! Unlike other skating organizations, CESC permits parents, grandparents and siblings to skate during lesson and practice times. And, if there is sufficient room on the ice, we allow our skaters to stay on the ice, after their lessons and practice time have expired. This is a unique feature of our program!

All students, especially those at Gamma level and above are encouraged to stay on the ice after their lessons and help with the tots. We find that the older children really enjoy helping the younger students get adjusted. They also get the added benefit of the 1/2 hour of extra practice ice time while the Tots are in their lessons! This is something that is not available with any other skating program in the Twin Cities.

We strongly encourage parents and siblings to put on their skates and join us! This is one of the things that makes CESC a very special program!