Skill Level Descriptions

Tot 1
(Ages 3-6)
  • Standing
  • Proper way to fall
  • Proper way to get up
  • Marching in standing position
  • Marching while moving
Tot 2
(Ages 3-6)
  • Two-foot jump in place
  • Forward swizzle in place
  • Forward moving swizzle
  • Beginning two foot glide
Tot 3
(Ages 3-6)
  • Push and glide stroking
  • Preparation for snowplow stop
  • Dip
  • Forward swizzle
Tot 4
(Ages 3-6)
  • T-position push right and left
  • Backward swizzle
  • One or two foot snowplow stop
  • Backward wiggle
Hockey Tot
(no sticks)
  • One and Two foot Glides
  • Basic forward and backward skating
  • Balance Hockey Stop
  • Two foot glides
  • Right and Left one foot Glide
  • Forward swizzles
  • Backward swizzles
  • Backward wiggle
(must have passed Pre-Alpha)
  • Forward stroking
  • Forward crossovers (Right and Left)
  • One foot snowplow stop
(must have passed Alpha)
  • Backward stroking
  • Backward crossovers (Right and Left)
  • T-stop (Right and Left)
(must have passed Beta)
  • Right and Left outside three turns
  • Right and Left forward inside Mohawk Combinations
  • Hockey stop
Cutting Edge Skating Club Delta
(must have passed Gamma)
  • Right and Left foot forward inside one foot 3-turn
  • Forward outside and inside edges
  • Shoot-the Duck or Lunges
  • Bunny Hop
  • Backward wiggle

Freestyle 1 (must have passed Delta) Forward Inside Pivot, Two-foot Spin, Forward Arabesque, Inside and Outside backward edges, One-half flip jump, Waltz Jump, and 1 Minute program.

Freestyle 2 (must have passed Freestyle 1) Ballet jump, One-half Toe Walley Jump, One-half Lutz Jump, One foot spin, Two forward Arabesques, Dance Step Sequence, and 1-1/2 Minute program.

Freestyle 3 (must have passed Freestyle 2) Backward Outside or Inside Pivot, Salchow Jump, Change Foot Spin, Backward Arabesque, Toe loop or Toe Walley Jump, Dance Step Sequence, and 1 Minute Program.

Freestyle 4 (Must have passed Freestyle 3) Flip Jump, Loop Jump, Sit Spin, One-half Loop Jump, Two Backward Arabesques, Dance Step with back 3 turns, and 2 Minute program.

Freestyle 5 (Must have passed Freestyle 4) Lutz Jump, Axel Jump, Camel Spin, Camel-sit-upright Spin, Fast Back Scratch Spin, Dance Sequence, and 2 minute program.

Freestyle 6 (Must have passed Freestyle 5) Split Jump, Split Falling Leaf Jump, Jump Combination, Double Salchow, Spin: Cross-foot or Lay-back or Sit-change Sit, Spin combination with change of foot and position, and 2 Minute program.

Freestyle 7 (Must have passed Freestyle 6) Double Toe Loop or Double Toe Walley Jump, Two Walley Jumps in Sequence, Flying Camel Spin, One Foot Axel into One-Quarter flip into Axel, Jump in the Opposite Direction, Dance Step Sequence, and 3 Minute program.

Freestyle 8 (Must have passed Freestyle 7) Double Loop Jump, Split-Lutz Jump, Flying Sit Spin or Axel Sit Spin, One and One-Quarter Flip into One and One-Quarter Flip into Double Salchow Jump Combination, Illusion or Camel-jump-Camel-spin, Dance Step Sequence, and 3 Minute program

Freestyle 9 (Must have passed Freestyle 8) Double Flip Jump, Double Lutz Jump, Axel-Double Loop Jump Combination, Axel in the Opposite Direction, Three Jump Sequence, Flying Camel into a Jump Sit Spin, and 4 Minute program.

Freestyle 10 Please see ISI Handbook